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ODR Global is a platform that can be invoked either by

a) By a contractual party seeking arbitration/Mediation or

b) An Arbitrator/Mediator

The total cost of using the services of ODR Global for an Arbitration/Mediation consist of

1. Professional Fees payable to the Arbitrator/s or Mediator

2. Payment made to ODR Global towards services rendered

i) For use of  the Virtual Arbitration Room (Platform Usage Fees)

ii) For Additional copies of  proceedings with CEAC certification

iii) For use of other Back office services

1. Professional Fees of the Arbitrator/Mediator

The professional fees of the Arbitrators may vary.

If the arbitrator is appointed by the party invoking the services, they need to  negotiate and settle  fees payable to the arbitrators directly.

Arbitrators/Mediators or the Councils are free to include the platform fees payable to ODR Global in their consolidated fees if they prefer.

2. Payment made to ODR Global towards services rendered

i) Platform Usage Charges

ODR Global will charge its platform usage fees on the basis of time used for Arbitration/Mediation sessions and will be payable by whomsoever invokes the Arbitration/Mediation.

The full service ODR Global Virtual Meeting Platform comes with  Full Video Recording Certified by CEAC. At the option of the user, the service can be stripped and offered at lower levels. Accordingly, the different services offers are as follows.


Package A:  (V+C) Service with Video Recording and CEAC Certification

Package B: (V-C) Service with Video Recording without CEAC Certification

Package C: (A+C) Service with Audio Recording and CEAC Certification

Package D: (A-C) Service with Audio Recording without CEAC Certification

Package E: (-A-C) Service without Audio or Video Recording and Without CEAC Certification


The charges for the use of the platform will depend on the package used and will be based on usage.

The Charge may also vary depending on the number of participants envisaged. For example, a Single Arbitrator meeting Vs Three Arbitrator meeting, with or without Witnesses being presented.

Charges can also be negotiated on fixed cost based on estimated usage time.

On receipt of the Enquiry, and collection of preliminary details, the cost estimate and terms of payment will be indicated. The total cost is however expected to be reasonable, economical and commensurate with the benefits offered.

ii) CEAC Certified Copies of the Proceedings

One soft copy of the proceedings would be made available to each of the contracting parties in the form of a download without any charge.

 If additional copies are required or copies required to be couriered in CD format, reasonable additional charges may be payable.

There could be stray instance when the proceedings are challenged or reviewed in a Court of law and  representatives of ODR Global or CEAC are required to provide statements or affidavits. In such cases additional professional charges may be payable along with out of pocket expenses for travel and stay as required.

iii) Back office Service Charges

The Back office services of ODR Global would be required under several circumstances.

For example in some cases,  one of the contracting parties may want to invoke the ODR facilities in ODR Global but the contract itself does not have a supporting clause and therefore, a consent has to be obtained from the other contracting party. For this purpose,  ODR Global may assist by sending the notice to the counter party and obtain his consent. If rejected, the parties will have to use conventional meetings to conduct their proceedings.

Back office services may also be required when an Arbitrator registered with ODR Global would like the notices to be issued through the Registrar of Arbitration. in to the parties.

Back office services may also be required when additional trainings are to be provided for the use of the facility. ODR Global at present provides one free demo to the person invoking the Arbitration, the counter party and the relevant Arbitrator appointed for the particular Arbitration. If additional parties such as the counsels also have to be trained, additional service charges may be charged.

Back Office services will be charged on case to case basis.

P.S:  Taxes as applicable will be extra

Computation of Cost

On receipt of the request from a prospective user of the Arbitration Service, ODR Global will raise the necessary invoice indicating the fee payable for which payment can be made online.

International Users

Payments are received in Indian Rupees equivalent to the amount indicated in the proforma invoice.