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ODR Global is a service that has a potential market world wide. Raising pendency of cases in the Courts make ADR the wise choice for most litigants. With millions of transactions being booked online every second, the "Dispute" industry if it is recognized as such is growing as fast as the E Commerce industry. To expect these digital clientele to settle their disputes through physical courts and even ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution) services in the physical space is foolish....unless there is no Cyber Space alternative for dispute resolution.

ODR Global tries to fill in this void as the solution for cyber space dispute resolution requirements. Potential demand is therefore huge enough to be attractive for investment.

In countries where ADR is an accepted way of dispute resolution, it should be not difficult to convince the users of the benefits of Arbitraion.in service. Here the problem is jsut transforming ADR industry into ODR.

Where ADR is yet to take off or is in its nascent stages of development, there is a need to first promote ADR and then market ODR. We presume India falls into this category.

Internet penetration and IT usage competency of Arbitrators and Litigating parties will also determine the market for ODR Global. With improving supply of broad band services and alround increase in the use of IT  by legal practitioners, the market players are getting ready. Even otherwise, ODR Global has some solutions to accelerate the IT infrastructure availability to the Arbitrator community if there is a need.

Hence the time to develop market depends on the efforts to market the concept of ADR and then the ODR and ODR Global has necessary plans for such conversion.

The Technical and Administrative requirements on the other hand can be scaled up in no time and is not a hurdle.

The long term prospects of the service appear to be very attractive. Further, the project will not have large gestation period with large upfront losses typical of a "Start Up" project. This project is planned to break even in the first year and a steady growth subsequently. Once the funding is available, aggressive market can throw open opportunities in quick time.

Investors who are comfortable with such projects may consider joining hands with Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd.

Associated Projects of Naavi

ODR Global is one of the projects from among the various initiatives launched by Naavi and hence there are other related projects including CEAC which can also be harnessed globally along with ODR Global. Some of these projects have the characteristics of the typical Start Up projects involving high volume products or services with upfront investments and amenable to quick valuation appreciation even during the gestation period.

Naavi is a well rounded professional with Financial and Marketing expertise in addition to the domain expertise. He can lead the project to higher levels with the support of other young entrepreneurially oriented professionals. Hence Investors who could take part in the project as joint promoters are also welcome to join hands.

ODR Global is yet to formalize the corporate structure and issue equity for the stake holders. Presently, the stakeholders recognized for ODR Global are as follows:

As on 1st February 2016

Stakeholder  Percentage
   Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd


   CEAC 15
   Naavi 15

Project Status

As of now, project is functioning from the project office at Ujvala Consultants Pvt ltd and is ready to take up assignments. Discussions are progressing with certain arbitral houses to include ODR Global as part of their approved seats of arbitration.

Interested investors may also browse through the information available on this project termed as "ODR Global" here

Contact Naavi for more information.