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ODR Global is a web based service to Contracting parties and Arbitrators/Mediators.

It  is not an arbitration agency by itself and does not compete with any Arbitration Council.  It provides a platform for conduct of Arbitration/Mediation which can be used by any Arbitrator/Mediator.

The functioning of the center is under a contractual agreement between the users/members and the center and all legal aspects regarding the conduct of the arbitration is the responsibility of the member. Disputes if any are subject to arbitration in the odrglobal.in platform under the provisions of Indian Arbitration Act 1996.

Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd, or any of its directors, employees or associates are not liable for any actions of the members themselves either in the conduct of the arbitration or otherwise.

ODR Global  is  an "Intermediary" under Information Technology Act 2000/8 and shall bind itself to the due diligence requirements notified under Section 79 of Information Technology Act 2008 in respect of protection of Privacy and Information Security. The website adopts  a "Privacy Policy" which is commensurate with the requirements of the activity.

The information provided  under FAQ constitute the detailed terms under which these services are provided and shall be binding on all users.

The General Terms applicable to the service is available here

Users of the services are requested to check with the Registrar for any clarification over and above what is provided on the website. Any grievances may be addressed to info@odrglobal.in

In the event of any unresolved disputes, the liability of ODR Global shall be limited to the service charges collected. None of the executives or representatives of ODR Global or associated services such as ceac.in or naavi shall be personally liable for any omissions and inefficiencies.

Users using the service are deemed to have accepted this condition before taking any further steps to use the service.