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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy last updated on 18th January 2016 applies to the website www.odrglobal.in owned and managed by Ujvala Consultants Private Limited

1. Our Commitment

We respect your Privacy and this document presents the Privacy Policy followed by the website www.odrglobal.in. This policy forms part of the detailed terms under which a user can use the services of the website and may be modified from time to time which you are required to verify periodically.

2. Consent

Your use of the website is deemed as a consent for the policies mentioned here in under which your personal information is collected and processed by us.

3. Information Collected

(a) When you visit the website, no identifiable personal information is collected by the server.

(b) Certain technical information such as the browser used by you, the pages visited, IP adress etc., are automatically recorded by the server.

(c) When a user intends to use the  service, information about the user and other details required to conduct the dispute resolution process are exchanged through e-mail.

(d) During the time a dispute resolution process session is being conducted, the session is recorded as part of the service.

(e) During the conduct of the dispute resolution process session, the software used for conduct of the meeting collects certain information necessary to allow access to the meeting session.

(f) The website uses a third party payment gateway for collection of money and any information collected by them is subject to their privacy policy.

4. Cookies:

The website may use cookies required for the beneficial use of the service by the user. 

5 . How the Information is used

i) Any information collected by the website is shared within the Company on a need to know basis.

ii) Information collected may be shared with law enforcement agencies as per the provisions of law prevailing in India.

iii) Information relevant for sub contractors if any, who are part of the service are shared with them on a need to know basis.

iv) No information is shared with any marketing agencies. Information may however be used for providing information about the services offered by the website and its associate websites

6 . How the Information is Secured

i) The Company adopts reasonable security practices to ensure security of the personal and sensitive personal information collected from the user and to prevent unauthorized access, modification or deletion.

ii) We have taken reasonable precautions to prevent any malicious codes on the website. However users are requested to use discretion before clicking on any hyper link on the website and ensure that they donot represent any disguised misdirection or lead to any malicious sites.

iii) The company will periodically assess the risks around user registration and passwords and based on the risks increase the security measures and practices, especially around account lock outs, passwords, and additional authentication mechanisms

7. Transfer of Information :

The personal information collected from the users is not transferred to any agency unless such agency is also contractually bound to follow adequate security standards as required under Indian law.

8. Retention of Information

Personal information collected from the users is retained in a secure manner for a reasonable period as long as the information is required to be retained as per the requirements under Indian law. Information not in active use is archived or destroyed as per the information security policy followed by ODR Global

9 . External Links

This privacy policy is limited to the information collected us while the user uses the website. The website may however contain links to other websites. Such sites may have their own privacy policies and users are required to peruse and take note of such policies.

10. Grievance Redressal

Following is the grievance redressal officer who will receive complaints if any and redress the grievance of users as per a structured grievance redressal policy adopted by the website

Name: Na.Vijayashankar

E Mail: disputes@odrglobal.in

11. GDPR Exclusion

It is declared that this site follows the principles of Privacy protection under Information Technology Act 2000 as amended from time to time and where there is a conflict with any other international law or guideline, the provisions of ITA 2000 shall prevail. In particular, this site does not subject itself to the administrative jurisdiction of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation of European Union) and any data subject who intends to be protected by GDPR and not ITA 2000 shall not use any of the services of this site or its networked sites. Any claims made under non-ITA 2000 statutes or regulations regarding privacy protection or otherwise are unacceptable and may be deemed as maliciously intended.

Addressing the Privacy Concerns during a Virtual ODR Process

ODR Global has adopted as a Standard Procedure, recording of the Virtual Sessions. In this connection, some have raised a query if this is not a Privacy Concern particularly in the case of Mediation.

It is possible to switch off the recording if the parties donot want the recording. The presence of the registrar can also be eliminated if need be.

However,  we would like to place the opinion of ODR Global here.

1. In the case of Arbitrations, one of the reasons for challenge is an unfair conduct of the arbitration process. This can be eliminated by the recording backed up by Section 65B certification as proposed by ODRGlobal.

2.In the case of Mediation, the essence is bringing about a resolution of dispute. Both parties are therefore considered to be interested in resolution. In this respect, some times, reflecting and reviewing what a person said during the meeting, whether the other party misunderstood or not etc would be useful. This is possible by a review of the recording. If necessary, parties may agree that the recording will be retained by the ODR Global only for a certain period and destroyed there after. It can be retained in trust by ODR Global and made available only for online browsing if required jointly by the parties without each having a copy of their own.

In view of the concerns, the terms of engagement will seek the permission of the parties to the recording and retention for a specific period as well as whether it has to be shared  in recorded form with the parties etc.



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